Low Boy Custom Anchor RAW Standard Bass Drum Beater

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Low Boy Custom RAW Bass Drum Beater 

Another fantastic two-way bass drum beater that has been lovingly adorned with the RAW Anchor logo and created by Low Boy Beaters. This is an interesting collaboration between ourselves and Low Boy and we must say they don't half look the part! With a selection of finishes and logo styles to choose from, we really have got you spoilt for choice!

The Low Boy Custom Anchor RAW Standard Bass Drum Beater is constructed by Low Boy Custom Beaters in Denver, Colorado in the United States. Crafted using the finest American maple, this hardwood is incredibly versatile and all purpose as well as being super lightweight! With a weight of just 3.25 oz, these beaters retain all the features of hardwood, without the excess weight! A major benefit of two-way beaters are the versatility and functionality they bring to your set up, it means you can quickly change your bass drum sound with ease. Two-way beaters like this one are increasingly popular with drummers for their versatility and functionality. This particular beater has a round and flat end, the rounded end of this beater is forcefully clear, whereas the flat edge delivers high volumes and maximum output, designed to be undeniably heard. 

When it comes to the finish, this particular beater is stained with black and silver grey, it is then hand finished with complimentary hand painted red stripes. To compliment the beater itself, a hand beveled and polished Stainless Steel Rod holds the beater strong ready to pound against your bass drum. Low Boy have also thought about all the finer details too, if you get really close you'll be able to see a beautifully laser engraved Low Boy and RAW Drum Co Anchor logo which have both been delicately engraved and ooze finesse.


  • American hard maple beater head
  • Hand painted stripes
  • Stainless Steel Rod which has been hand beveled and polished 
  • Laser engraved Low Boy Logo/ RAW Drum Co
  • Clear, effective rounded end
  • Made in Denver, Colorado (USA)
  • Product Weight: 3.25 oz
  • Other RAW Drum Co designs available
  • Stained Black/Silver Grey with Red Stripe


  • Beater Head: Length 2.625" 
  • Flat End: Depth 1.75"
  • Rounded End: Depth 1"
  • Total Length: 8"

Please Note: The price shown is per beater.