RAW Star Rock Out Practice Pad

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RAW 6" Rock Out Pad

Practice makes perfect, so don't underestimate the power a practice pad has on your drumming style, technique and overall ability! Fancy owning one of the newest and if we do say so ourselves coolest new practice pads! Then you need to check out our RAW Star Rock Out Practice Pads! A compact and portable size of 6" makes this pad ideal for gigging or touring drummers who need to grab every ounce of practice they can in between high octane gigs, not only that they are perfect for any drummer new or old; who values great things in small packages!

A sticky back nature allows your practice pad to stick on absolutely any surface, a handy feature that will open up a world of possibilities for both when and where you can practice - the answer is anywhere, anytime, now how cool is that! Another incredible perk of the sticky back base is that it never looses it's stick, once you feel your pad is becoming less tacky, all you have to do is rinse the pad, pat it dry and your pad is back to maximum sticking power! With the ability to slide into all stick bags, you can shot your RAW Practice Pad in your bag and be on the go in seconds! Not only does the RAW Bold Star Out Practice Pad have a stylish design, it has subtle vintage vibes merged with all the coolness of the 21st century!  


  • 6" Practice Pad
  • Sticky back
  • Small and lightweight
  • Portable
  • Fits comfortably in stick bags
  • Improves technique and strength
  • Great drumming accessory
  • RAW branding
  • Up and coming, cool brand

Check out the RAW Star Rock Out Practice Pad in action!