Low Boy Custom Bold RAW Standard Bass Drum Beater

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Low Boy Custom RAW Bass Drum Beater 

We've teamed up with guys over at Low Boy Custom Beaters to bring you some more cool merch that screams RAW and that's because not only are these Low Boy Beaters classic of the Low Boy brand they've even got our logo laser engraved onto the beater as well as the standard Low Boy engraved logo.

Each and every bass drum beater from the Low Boy and RAW collaboration is designed and made in Denver, Colorado using American hard maple, with the finer details such as the hand painted stripes being completed in the Low Boy workshop. This standard beater has a weight of just 3.25 oz and is incredibly lightweight yet undeniable durable. The benefit of using the finest American hard maple is that it is light and quick yet has the ability to pounce without the added weight of typical wood beaters. One particular feature we have to mention is the multi use factor, both ends of the beater can be used to create different sounds meaning you are getting more sounds for your money! The rounded end of this beater is forcefully clear, whereas the flat edge delivers high volumes and maximum output, designed to be undeniably heard. 

This particular design is split with the top and bottom of the base having a stained black finish and the middle section is finished with an orange stain. This is all beautifully complimented by hand painted white stripes and of course the definitive, laser engraved RAW logo. There are several RAW designs to choose from including bass drum beaters with our bold RAW logo, as well as the star scripted logo. All the beaters feature the striking RAW colour scheme and the other designs are available to shop right now, so don't forget to check them out!


  • American hard maple beater head
  • Hand painted stripes
  • Stainless Steel Rod which has been hand beveled and polished 
  • Laser engraved Low Boy Logo/ RAW Drum Co
  • Clear, effective rounded end
  • Made in Denver, Colorado (USA)
  • Product Weight: 3.25 oz
  • Other RAW Drum Co designs available
  • Stained Black/Orange with White Stripe


  • Beater Head: Length 2.625" 
  • Flat End: Depth 1.75"
  • Rounded End: Depth 1"
  • Total Length: 8"

Please Note: The price shown is per beater.